Hey there!

I am Milja Suihko, a 27-year-old change maker. I am also an equality demanding feminist, Master of Social Sciences interested in the world, and a curious dancer. I work in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and influence in the Green of Helsinki board. I come from the forests of Joensuu in Eastern Finland, did studies in Tampere and have found my home in Helsinki, like many others from around Finland and the world.

I am a candidate for the Helsinki City Council in the summer 2021 Municipal Elections. My themes in the election are international Helsinki, circular economy and the right to home. Welcome to get to know me better and to follow my journey towards the Helsinki City Council!

INTERNATIONALITY. More of Helsinki to the world and more of world to Helsinki. I want to see Helsinki as internationally recognized city of good life. Work and active citizenship must be accessible to everyone, including people without perfect Finnish language skills.

CIRCULAR ECONOMY. We must shift from the consumption-oriented economy to a circular one. Circular Economy means the reuse of materials and resources so that none goes to waste. Carbon neutrality in Helsinki can be achieved by developing sustainable solutions in urban planning, transport and services.

HOME. Everyone has a right to have a home. The capital city area has the highest rate of homelessness in Finland, and there is not enough of discussion about the situation of the homeless youth. Communal housing solutions and affordable living have to be supported in order to reduce loneliness and isolation. Everyone should be able to find their place in the city and feel like home.