Milja Suihko

Hey there!

I am a feminist who demands equality, a Master of Social Sciences fascinated by the world and a curious dancer. Since my graduation in 2019, I have worked in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and currently serve as a Project Officer in the Center for Mediation which develops and promotes Finland’s expertise in peace building.

I dream of building more sustainable, equal and secure society. To fulfill this dream, I have served as the Youth Climate Delegate of Allianssi in 2018-2019 and as a founder and a coordinator of Asepalvelus 2020 (Military Service 2020) campaign. My journey in advocacy work continues as a candidate for the Helsinki City Council in the Green Party. My focus areas are internationality, circular economy and the right to housing.


Each year, the Youth Co-operation Allianssi elects a youth Climate Delegate to strengthen the participation of youth in climate policy-making. My themes in the position of trust where sustainable consumption, circular economy and the Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals.

As a Climate Delegate I was honored to support the world wide climate march movement, keep lectures and trainings in different kind of events and to attend to meetings with different ministers.

The activities of the current Climate Delegates you will be able to follow in Facebook through Climate Youth Delegates in Finland-site. Suomen Nuorisodelegaatit – sivun kautta.


In an equal society, citizens have the same rights and obligations under the law, also in the sphere of national defense. This is not the case with conscription concerning only men.

The Military Service 2020 -campaign sparked debate on the future developments of the military service during parliamentary elections of 2019. Our plea of equality and impunity as the prerequisites for the national defense system was signed by 237 parliamentary candidates from all over Finland. 

14 Members of the Parliament who signed the campaign's objectives are currently using power in the government of Finland.