Älkää päästäkö minua maasta

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Yksi asioista, joista koen henkilökohtaisesti eniten ristiriitaisuutta on matkustaminen, erityisesti lentäminen. Elän ekologisesti. Ostan suurimman osan vaatteistani kirpputorilta, käytän julkisia ja syön kasvispainotteisesti. Pidän kestävään elämään tähtääviä elämänmuutoksia tärkeinä, jopa…

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When I Was a Child

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I was pretty determinated child. Social and cheerful too, but there was certainly a fuss if my mother had spread soft cheese on the bread incorrectly. (It is not clear to the adult Milja how soft cheese can even be spread on the bread incorrectly...

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Safe City For Everyone

In a safe city, all residents can live free from the threat of violence, racist insults or harassment. In addition to physical security, we can talk about psychological security, which refers to a sense of security in everyday life. In practice, this may mean...

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There is no Genuine Internationalism Without Multiculturalism

Much has been done in recent years for the internationalization of Helsinki. From that point of view we could call progress the fact that already 16 percent of the city’s residents have an international background. The city must look like its residents. In 2018, in connection with the City Chancellery, a unit for international affairs was established.

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Why the Green Party?

I voted for the first time in the 2012 Municipal Elections as I had turned 18 the previous year. When I talked with my parents, one of them said they voted for the Greens and the other for another party. Equality, environment, human rights. These themes of the Green Party attracted me.

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Aiming for a City Everyone Can Understand

What kind of Helsinki we should build, so that every citizen of the city could live a good life here? To feel a sense of belonging and to be able to develop into their own best version of themselves. In such Helsinki, the origin, gender, native language, age or other personal factors do not form obstacles to the access...

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The Sound of Breaking Class Ceiling

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Kamala Harris was elected as the first female vice president of the United States yesterday, January 20, 2021. The achievement is magnificent, especially as Harris also represents an African-American minority less often seen in places of power.

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New Beginnings Are Full of Hope

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Byeeee 2020. Many would agree if I say that we won’t be missing you much. The year has now changed and 2021 is full of hope. Vaccinations for healthcare professionals and those at risk have already begun in several cities side by side with the rest of Europe.

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Green Circular Economy

The first time I heard about the circular economy was about six years ago. I rejoiced in the principle: low-emission didn’t have to mean the total cessation of consumption, but its modification. The partly purposeful contradiction between the economy and sustainability was shrinking.

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Youth as a Force for Change

The week from the 2nd to the 8th of November has been the national youth policy week in Finland. Among other things, young people discussed about what a dream municipality looks like. Municipalities decide on many issues that affect the lives of young people directly, such as schools, health care, public transport, libraries and leisure opportunities.

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