Communal Elections 2021

I am a candidate for the Helsinki City Council in the Municipal Elections of 2021. As my party, I have chosen the Greens as the party understands the planetary boundaries as the basis of human activity. Other important values for me are equality, inclusiveness and freedom.

I have a wide experience in advocacy work on various forums, especially in international relations, political participation of the youth and sustainable development. My active engagement in the civil society began as a Chairperson of our student government in my High School in Joensuu around 10 years ago. If I would not talk about my work or trusteeship-positions, I would describe myself as goal-oriented brave debater who enjoys long conversations and running in the nature.

In the Municipal Elections I have three areas of focus:

INTERNATIONALITY. More of Helsinki to the world and more of the world to Helsinki. Active citizenship must be accessible to everyone, regardless of not having perfect Finnish language skills. Language politics and multilingualism must be developed in the city.

CIRCULAR ECONOMY. We must shift from a linear, material and consumption-oriented economy to a circular one. Circular Economy means reuse of materials and resources so that none goes to waste. Carbon neutrality is only achieved by developing fresh solutions in urban planning.

HOME. Everyone has a right for a home. The capital city area has the highest rate of homelessness, and there is little discussion about the situation of the youth. More communal housing solutions and affordable living has to be supported so that loneliness and isolation are reduced. Everyone should find their place in the city and feel like home.

I would love to hear about your wishes, expectations and ideas about the development of the city now and during the whole campaign. If you share my vision of the Helsinki we want to see, feel free to join the campaign team. I look forward to hearing and meeting you soon!