Why Communal Elections?

"Politics is taking care of the common affairs" I read from a book called The Basics of Politics when I was studying for the entrance exam of Political Science in Tampere. It was March of 2013. I wondered, would I ever want to go to politics myself. At least I wanted to research it, scrutinize it and have influence, that much I already knew. Later that year I attended to the Young Green Influencer -course, where it was possible to reflect my relation with party politics more. On another hand, but then again.

During the last seven years of thinking I have made already quite a lot of work with climate politics, youth politics and national defense politics. Some years ago I joined to the Green party. The final decision was made due to the shaking of the world: Brexit, Trump and the deepening local and international gaps between people and groups. If I knew what was right in my worldview, my wouldn't I stand in front of that with my back straight? In front of a liberal and free world, where cooperation is done beyond interest and party lines. In front of a world where differences and human rights are appreciated and where we live in those boundaries which the Mother Earth has kindly given to us.

When I was working in the field of sustainable development I realized how many important decisions are made in the communal level and in the cities. Those are decisions about the public transportation connections, support to the local enterprises and the politics of affordable and available home.

Helsinki has become my home and it is good to be here. However, that is not the case for all. There are people sleeping in the tram stops who would rather sleep somewhere else. There are people from international backgrounds who feel excluded due to the language barrier. Our lifestyle is still not in sustainable frames (regardless of our soy milk shopping). To these things I want to make a difference in the Helsinki City Council. That is why Communal Elections.