New Beginnings Are Full of Hope

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Byeeee 2020. Many would agree if I say that we won’t be missing you much. The year has now changed and 2021 is full of hope. Vaccinations for healthcare professionals and those at risk have already begun in several cities side by side with the rest of Europe.

However, we can’t run to hug everyone just yet. The exceptional times continue. My own emotional states range from feelings of paralysis, boredom, everyday joys, frustration all the way to the “yes we can do this”. Here are a few remarks and reminders of which things can bring some joy to an exhausting situation: 

  • EXERCISE. Youtube is full of videos from peaceful yoga practices to challenging heat workouts. Sweating in the morning increases energy levels throughout the day. Youtube on täynnä tarjontaa rauhallisesta joogasta haastaviin hiit-treeneihin. Huhkiminen aammulla lisää jaksamista koko päivälle. 
  • READING. Reading books and listening to audiobooks takes your thoughts elsewhere. Traveling to another time and place is possible by the power of the imagination. 
  • MEDITATION. Teaches patience and helps to deal with negative emotions. Feeds creativity and brightens the mind. 
  • EMBRACING YOUR INNER COUCH POTATO. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s wonderful to surrender to Netflix and just be. My favorite series lately have been the Queen’s Gambit and the Sense8.
  • THANKFULLNESS. Our parks have not yet had to be converted into field hospitals and there is no ultimate curfew in the country. Finland has been relatively free during the pandemic. 
  • PUZZLES. May be surprisingly addictive. At your own risk. 

Long calls with loved ones and art has also brought me joy. It is also perfectly ok not to do much else than to breathe from one day to the other and survive. The time of light increases day by day. Now we need that famous sisu of ours. May the force be with you in the beginning of this January!